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Packaging milk powder can be a complex process if not handled correctly.

If you are a milk powder producer and are looking for a milk powder packaging system, you are in the right place!Powdered milkis a manufactured dairy product obtained by evaporating milk to dryness. The product must have the longest possible shelf life and the bags must be clean after the packaging process (no product residue on the bag).
Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, all the machines we propose are designed to guaranteethat the milk powder is perfectly packed.

The parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304 to maintain the highest hygiene standards and avoid contamination. In addition to the parts in contact with the product, the entire machines can also be made of stainless steel.

The types of bags most commonly used are:Preformed pouches for open mouthorTaskermade from a flat roll of film. When we talk about preformed bags, paper bags with an inner PE lining are mostly used for milk powder. These materials are used for bags of 10 kg and above.

There are several options that can be added to get the perfect result:

In the process of filling the bag, a venting probe can be added to reduce the volume of the product.

To achieve a better shape of the bag, the top of the bag can be compressed with a special device.

To avoid product residues in the closing phase, we use a device to clean the edges of the bag. The bags are then closed and sewn.

It can be doublestep closure: heat sealing for inner and outer paper bag, with plain stitching, through stitching of crepe paper; sewing through duct tape, topstitching and topstitching are also widely used.

Vertical packaging machine VFFS

For smaller bags, up to 5 kg of PE-coated aluminum foil is usually produced using a vertical wrapping machine (VFFS) from a roll of film. The vertical packaging machine takes care of shaping, filling and sealing the pillow bags.

We guarantee maximum attention to tightness, hygiene and containment of dust dispersion during the bagging phase.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for milk powder

As you may know, food manufacturers are always happy to find natural ways to extend the shelf life of their products.

ABLE TO: Modified atmosphere packaging is the most commonly used method to achieve this result in the milk powder industry. This process consists of replacing the oxygen inside the package with a mixture of gases, which increases the shelf life of the product. The gasification process reduces the amount of air inside the bag before the bagging stage. After the product is bagged, there is a post-gas phase.

Solutions for secondary packaging of milk powder

Small format bags can be grouped into bundles, one of which is oursshrink wrap machine. Or they can be packed in boxes with aBox packing machinewhich can be equipped with a pick & place system.

What about palletizing?

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The palletizing process can be performed using a Cartesian or layered palletizing machine, depending on the required speed and type of bags.

You can also customize this process with an automatic hopper and feeder for empty pallets and an applicator for cardboard sheets.

Machines for wrapping pallets

Finally, pallet wrapping machines are used to protect pallets from weather and shock. We offer automatic and semi-automatic machines for wrapping pallets, according to customers' needs in terms of speed and space availability. To complete the wrapping process, we also offer a unit for top plates and cover systems.



Bag machines with open mouth IABA 600D serieABA Automatic bag packing machine with double filling station for sewn and non-sewn o... Do 30 BPM
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Bag machines with open mouth IABA 600 F serieABA Automatic packaging machine for open bags with and without loops. Ideal for so... Do 10 BPM
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Bag machines with open mouth IABA 600 P serieABA Automatic bag packing machine with open opening. Ideal for packaging powder products,... Do 5 BPM
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Bag machines with open mouth Semi-automatic bag packing machine serieDR Semi-automatic packaging machine of net or gross weight for filling and closing... Do 10 BPM
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Vertical packaging machines - VFFS MF 52 SPEEDY High speed continuous vertical packaging machine for small and medium formats. Ideal... Do 80 BPM
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Vertical packaging machines - VFFS MF 52 Automatic vertical packaging machine for small and medium formats. Ideal for medium... Do 50 BPM
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Vertical packaging machines - VFFS MF 50 SPEEDY Fast continuous vertical packaging machine for small formats. Ideal for high... Do 105 BPM
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Vertical packaging machines - VFFS MF 50 Small vertical packaging machine for small formats. Ideal for medium-high production. Do 20 BPM
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Palletizing machines MF PRC 1000 with 6 COLUMNS Top-loading robot palletizer, ideal for high production Up to 1200 cycles/h
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Palletizing machines MF PCA 700 / 700 TWIN seriePCA Automatic Cartesian telescopic palletizer for bags, boxes and bundles. Ideal for inn... Up to 700 cycles/h
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Palletizing machines COMPACT MF PCA 400 / 400 TWIN seriePCA Automatic robot for pallets for bags, boxes and bundles. Ideal for handling medium... Up to 400 cycles/h
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Palletizing machines MF PCA SMART seriePCA Automatic Cartesian palletizer for bags, boxes and bundles. Ideal for handling medium... Up to 500 cycles/h
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Palletizing machines PSM 1500/S Push-type palletizer for bags, boxes or bundles, ideal for handling high production. Up to 1200 cycles/h
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Palletizing machines IRB 460 Automatic anthropomorphic palletizing machine for bags, boxes or bundles. Ideal for handling... Up to 900 cycles/h
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Palleindpakning MF WRAP 60 serieSTAY Automatic pallet wrapping machine with rotating arm, designed to produce up to 6... Up to 60 pallets/h
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Palleindpakning MF WRAP 35 serieSTAY Automatic pallet wrapping machine with turntable, designed to produce up to 35 pa... Up to 35 pallets/h
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Palleindpakning MF SPW 20 serieSPW A semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine with a turntable, designed to produce up to ... Up to 20 pallets/h
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Packaging for boxes Box packing machine The Case Packer MF CUBE is a high-tech machine that can form, fill and seal American... Up to 12 boxes/min
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Krymp wraps MF BUNDLEE-V serieV Automatic Shrink Wrapper Using Shrink Film For Packaging Bags With Square B... Up to 10 bundles/min
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Krymp wraps MF BUNDLEE-H serieH Automatic shrink wrapping that uses shrink film to pack bags of any shape and... Up to 12 bundles/min
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Tote bag Semi-automatic big bag filling machine (net weight) Semi-automatic machine for filling large bags (net weight), ideal for medium and tall products... Do 20 BPH
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Tote bag Semi-automatic machine for filling large bags (gross weight) Semi-automatic machine for filling large bags (gross weight), ideal for medium production. Do 10 BPH
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Packaging lines Complete packaging lines Complete packaging lines for bags, palletizing and bulk packaging, ... Discover more


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What type of packaging is used for milk powder? ›

Whole milk powder is packed in 15 kg tins. For retail milk powder s packed in laminate bags made of PET /Al / PE. Skim milk in bulk quantities of 25 kg is packed in kraft paper bags with inside polyethylene bag.

How do I choose a packing machine? ›

5 top tips to consider when choosing packaging machinery
  1. The speed of the packaging machinery. ...
  2. Is the packaging machinery environmentally friendly? ...
  3. The packaging machine costs. ...
  4. Staff training on packaging machinery. ...
  5. Choose a packaging machinery supplier that is close by.
Mar 10, 2021

How is powdered milk packaged? ›


Milk powder is packed into either plastic-lined multi-wall bags (25 kg) or bulk bins ( 600 kg).

What is powder packing machine? ›

Our powder packaging machines are specifically designed for bagging and container filling products such as flour, salt, sugar, baking mixes, spices and ground coffee.

What is the best container to store powdered milk? ›

Dried milk must be stored free of moisture and oxygen. Mylar-type bags and #10 cans make good containers for large quantities. Canning jars are suitable for smaller quantities provided light is prevented from reaching the dried milk. Other plastic containers are less suitable, e.g. food-grade buckets.

What is the best packaging for milk products? ›

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles are best suitable for storing pasteurised milk. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is another plastic material used for milk packaging.

How much are packaging machines? ›

Functionality - A food packaging machine could cost you anywhere between $10,900 - $65,000.

What is a packaging machine called? ›

A labeler can be handheld and used in a warehouse for labeling products and boxes. Labelers can also be on a packaging line to apply labels to bottles or finished products. Lidding Machine.

What is the best packing technique? ›

Organize your clothes vertically and tightly

Though some packers prefer laying clothes flat, the experts we talked to agree that rolling is key to save space. “Clothes should be folded into their smallest possible size,” Kondo says. “Thin fabrics are best to roll to prevent wrinkles.

How many years does powdered milk last? ›

According to the USDA, powdered milk can be stored indefinitely. 1 An unopened package is probably still usable for 2 to 10 years after the printed "best by" date. Some survival stores sell nonfat dry powdered milk labeled with a 25-year shelf life.

Should I stockpile powdered milk? ›

Evaporated milk and powdered milk are highly recommended staples for any emergency stockpile. The problem with keeping evaporated or powdered milk in your pantry is that people often save it for an emergency and forget all about if no emergency arises.

What is the difference between powdered milk and milk powder? ›

Powdered milk, also called milk powder, dried milk, or dry milk, is a manufactured dairy product made by evaporating milk to dryness. One purpose of drying milk is to preserve it; milk powder has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated, due to its low moisture content.

What is a sachet machine? ›

It is a sachet machine that has rotary cups filling unit. With the gravity, free-flowing granules will fill inside rotary cups, then the machine dumps inside filler funnels. This filling technique works with pharmaceutical granules, sugar, yeast kind of products.

How does a sachet packing machine work? ›

The bags are usually loaded into a hopper at the top of the machine. The hopper feeds the bags into a sealing mechanism, where the bags are sealed shut. The sealed bags are then cut open and the product is loaded into the bag. The bag is then closed and the product is ready to be packaged.

What is vertical packing machine? ›

A vertical form fill sealing machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products.

What are the storage conditions for milk powder? ›

Skim milk powder should be stored in sanitary, cool, dry conditions, away from strong odors. Milk powders from bags that have been opened or damaged during transit or storage, or that appear spoiled; to have been contaminated or tampered with in any fashion should never be used.

Does milk last longer in glass or plastic? ›

Regarding milk, she advises: “Transfer milk to glass bottles. It will last twice as long. Glass gets and stays much colder than cardboard. Also, glass bottles are better sealed than cardboard containers, so they don't let as much air in.

How do you store milk powder for travel? ›

Packing the milk powder

Bring a clean Ziploc/plastic bag to store the unused milk powder and throw away the can when packing to go home. In addition to that, pack milk powder for the flight into small sachets with the correct amount per feed. These sachets are light and don't take up much space.

What are the methods of packing milk? ›

Containers and methods used for pasteurized milk: (1) Glass bottles. (2) Plastic bottles. (3) Cartons. (4) Sachets or pouches.

What are the methods of packaging milk? ›

Some typical laminates are paper polythene, cellophane-polythene, and polyester-polythene. The glass bottle still continues to be the most frequently used package for milk in the world.

What is generally used for packaging of milk products *? ›

They include cellophane (coated with plain or nitrocellulose / saran / polyethylene), treated with cellulose etc.

How much is a blister card packaging machine? ›

Frain has blister and thermoforming machines in stock ranging in price from $3,500 to $100,000. Depending on your product, speed and container, Frain engineering can select the best machine for your application. Blister equipment is used for a large variety of different types and sizes of products.

Is it packing machine or packaging machine? ›

Packaging machines are used to package products or components. This product area includes equipment that forms, fills, seals, wraps, cleans, and packages at different levels of automation. Packaging machines also include related machinery for sorting, counting, and accumulating. There are many different package types.

What is a machine used to seal products and packaging? ›

A heat sealer machine is generally used to seal packaging by applying heat and pressure to the thermoplastic. This will weld thermoplastic together, leaving the package tightly sealed.

What are the packaging systems? ›

The packaging system fulfils a complex series of functions, of which communication is only one. Ease of processing and handling, as well as transport, storage, protection, convenience, and re-use are all affected by packaging. The packaging system has significant implications in OM.

What is the 5 4 3 2 1 packing rule? ›

Do the clothing countdown: If you need a mantra to help streamline your wardrobe, use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule for a weeklong trip: Limit yourself to no more than five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes and one hat. The list should be adjusted to suit your needs.

What is the golden rule of packing? ›

This may seem an ambitiously small suitcase, but the golden rule of packing is to always take half the clothes you were planning to bring (and twice the money).

What is the 543 packing rule? ›

For a long weekend, Jen Rubio of Away Travel goes by the “54321” rule: “You can always get at least five great outfits from four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and [if you're a woman] one dress.” For a longer trip (one to two weeks), add a few tops and maybe another dress or pair of shoes if there's a fancier ...

Can dry milk powder go bad? ›

The shelf life of packaged, NFDM ranges from 3 months to 3-5 years. The main factor is storage temperature. At cool to cold temperatures the shelf life is 3-5 years. At hot temperatures the shelf life can be as little as 3 months.

Should you store powdered milk in the freezer? ›

Freezing: Powder can be frozen (re-warmed slowly) if product will not be used prior to expiry. However, it is not recommended to freeze the product if close to the expiry date. When freezing, re-packaging the powder into doubled up freezer bags with as little air as possible is recommended.

How long will vacuum sealed powdered milk last? ›

To store dried milk in Mylar bags, you'll need to add a desiccant to the bottom of the bag and oxygen absorbers to the top of the bag before sealing. The desiccant controls moisture and the oxygen absorber removes oxygen. If kept in a cool place, non-fat dried milk can last 15+ years this way.

Can you drink powdered milk every day? ›

Yes, powdered milk is healthy, and contributes as a great alternative to regular milk. Dry milk can be used regularly because it offers the same nutritional value as of fresh milk.

Why is powdered milk so cheap? ›

Since powdered milk is cheaper to ship and store, the price difference can really become dramatic when oil prices increase. If however grain has a price spike, both powdered milk and fresh milk will experience an increase due the cost of feeding dairy cattle.

Is powdered milk healthier than fresh milk? ›

Powdered milk has the same nutrition as fresh milk. It provides bone-building nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A. Powdered milk is a source of protein and may be added to recipes to increase the amount of protein and energy (especially for people with health conditions that need extra protein).

What do you call canned milk with 50% of its water removed? ›

Evaporated milk is made by removing over half of milk's water content. It differs from sweetened condensed milk in that it doesn't contain added sugar. In fact, it's also known as unsweetened condensed milk.

Why is powdered milk so expensive? ›

Powder milk is expensive because it is a highly processed, shelf-stable product. Creating powder milk is costly and involves a lot of energy and resources. The demand for powdered milk is also high, which drives up the cost as more people buy it.

How do you make your own sachets? ›

What you do
  1. In a medium bowl, mix rice, Epsom salt, flower buds, and essential oil to thoroughly scent the mixture.
  2. Spoon mixture into your muslin pouch.
  3. Place anywhere you want to add a fresh lavender scent.
  4. Refresh your pouch every 2─3 weeks by opening it up and adding more drops of essential oil.
Aug 10, 2020

What is the difference between a stick pack and a sachet? ›

Sachets are packets or sealed pouches that contain liquids, gels, or powders and typically sealed on four (4) sides. Stickpacks are tube-like packaging that is sealed on two ends with a continuous seam side.

What do you need to make a sachet? ›

To make a sachet, all you really need is cheesecloth and some kitchen twine. If you like, you can purchase those cute little sachet bags, made out of cheesecloth or muslin. They work great and make things easy, since they usually have a drawstring.

How does a milk packaging machine work? ›

The forming plates rolled the flat film in to tube a certain band of overlap. Within the tube is the fluid filling pipe enveloped. The tube then passes over to vertical seal jaws that are engaged and disengaged with the help of an air operated piston, or in machines by mechanical means.

Who makes form fill seal machines? ›

Matrix is an industry leading manufacturer of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) equipment for all types of flexible packaging. Features on the VFFS machinery include: Rugged. Cost competitive.

What is a mechanical packing? ›

Mechanical Packing is the process of sealing systems or mechanisms together to prevent leaks. Used in a variety of applications, mechanical seals provide solutions to contain fluids within a vessel under extreme temperatures and pressures.

Is it better to pack vertical or horizontal? ›

The advantage of packing vertically is that more of your stuff is easily accessible from the top of the rucksack. Packing horizontally means the things at the bottom are hard to get to.

What is horizontal cartoning machine? ›

On horizontal cartoning machines, the product is inserted from the side of the carton. These cartoners can operate in continuous or intermittent mode, with the option of automatic lateral loading of the product into the carton, and closure of the ends by hot-melt application or flap insertion.

What is milk packaging called? ›

Cartons are a type of packaging for food and beverage products you can purchase at the store. They are easy to recognize and are available in two types—shelf-stable (also known as an aseptic carton) and refrigerated (also known as a gable top carton).

Which paper is used for packaging of powder? ›

Explanation: White glazed paper is used for wrapping purposes. It is generally used for packing powders.

What packaging material for protein powder? ›

Plastic Jars and Tubs

Familiar straight-sided plastic jars are ideal for packaging protein powders, along with other bioplastics options.

What is commonly used for packaging milk and juice? ›


Paperboard is quite commonly used for packaging food and beverage products including juices, milk, and cereal products. Paperboard packaging comes in several grades.

How do you package milk for sale? ›

You can use opaque or transparent glass for packaging milk. Glass, in this case, is used as bottles, jugs, tumblers, or jars. As a packaging material, it is strong, rigid, and able to keep out water, chemicals, or gas from your milk.

What is a milk canister called? ›

A milk churn is a tall, conical or cylindrical container for the transportation of milk. It is sometimes referred to as a milk can.

How milk packets are packed? ›

TETRA-PACKS: Using either UHT (ultra-high temperatures) or HTST (high-temperature short time), the milk is heated on a prescribed high temperature for only a few seconds and then cooled down and immediately aseptically (free from disease-causing microorganisms) packed in tetra packs.

How are bulk powders packed and stored? ›

Bulk powders are non-potent and can be closed with acceptable accuracy and safety using measuring devices such as the teaspoon, cup, or insufflators. The mixed ingredients are packed into a suatable bulk container, such as a wide- mouthed glass jar.

How do you store protein powder in bulk? ›

Protein powder should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place like a kitchen cabinet or pantry, but never in the fridge. Keep an eye on the expiration date, especially if you buy in bulk. After each use, you need to close the lid tightly to prevent getting moisture into the powder.

Can you put protein powder in a Ziploc bag? ›

As for storage containers, you can store your protein powder in a tightly-sealed tub, pouch or zip-lock bag.

How do you carry protein powder in the office? ›

You can purchase whey, casein or soy-based protein powders to take with you to work. Simply mix, or shake, the protein powder with water in a thermos for a quick and easy high-protein shake when you're at work or on the go. Some protein powders contain up to 30 grams of protein per scoop.


1. Semi-automatic Bagging Machine
(MF TECNO Packaging Systems)
2. MF TUBE Tubular Bagging Machine FFS
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3. super fine powder packaging machine with de aeration device
(yongfeng yang)
4. Packaging System for fine granular product
(MF TECNO Packaging Systems)
5. Automatic Bagging Machine for flour (pinch top closing)
(MF TECNO Packaging Systems)
6. Maltodextrin Packaging Solutions
(MF TECNO Packaging Systems)


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