Samsung Top Load Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry: Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide (2023)

Identifying the Root Cause

When your Samsung top load washer fails to spin clothes dry, the frustration can be palpable. Various factors can contribute to this issue, leaving your laundry soaking wet despite completing the spin cycle. Pinpointing the root cause is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

Power Issues

One of the primary culprits behind a non-spinning washer is power irregularities. If the washer encounters a power fluctuation during the cycle, it might not reach the required spin speed. This can leave clothes excessively damp post-cycle. Additionally, using an extension cord can hinder the washer's performance, leading to incomplete spinning.

DIY Fix: Waiting for power restoration in case of an outage or directly connecting the washer to a wall socket instead of using an extension cord can resolve this issue.

Incorrect Cycle Selection

Choosing inappropriate wash settings, such as those with reduced or no spin, contributes to wet laundry. Settings like Hand Wash or Delicate might not provide the necessary spin speed for effective drying, especially for heavier items like bedding.

DIY Fix: Ensuring the selection of suitable spin cycles, such as Bedding/Bulky settings, or running a secondary drain and spin cycle for thorough water elimination addresses this concern.

Overloading and Imbalance

Overstuffing the washer beyond its recommended capacity or unevenly distributing the laundry can disrupt the balance of the drum. This imbalance prevents the washer from spinning efficiently, resulting in damp clothes.

DIY Fix: Removing excess clothing, adhering to the recommended capacity, and redistributing the load evenly can rectify this issue.

Washer Stability

A washer placed on an uneven surface can cause load imbalance, hindering the spin cycle. Ensuring the washer stands on a stable, level surface is crucial for optimal performance.

DIY Fix: Adjusting the washer's legs using a spirit level and ensuring all legs touch the ground stabilizes the washer for better spinning performance.

Suds Build-Up

Excessive suds caused by overdosing detergent trap moisture in the laundry, preventing effective spinning and drying.

DIY Fix: Using High-Efficiency (HE) detergent in appropriate quantities mitigates excessive suds formation.

Lid Switch and Drainage Concerns

Issues with the lid switch, clogged filters or hoses, an improperly positioned drain hose, or a malfunctioning drain pump can impede proper water drainage, resulting in wet laundry.

DIY Fix: Testing the lid switch continuity, unclogging filters and hoses, ensuring proper drain hose positioning, and inspecting/replacing faulty drain pumps resolves these drainage-related issues.

Drive Belt Malfunction

A stretched or damaged drive belt can diminish the washer's spin speed, leaving clothes wet.

DIY Fix: Tightening a stretched belt or replacing a damaged one is imperative for restoring proper spinning functionality.

Program Error

In some cases, a program crash or interruption mid-cycle can cause the washer to stop spinning.

DIY Fix: Resetting the washer typically resolves such issues.

Diagnosing and Resetting the Washer

Running Diagnostic Checks

Performing diagnostic tests on your Samsung top load washer helps identify error codes that may not be immediately evident.

  • Option 1: Following specific steps such as pressing buttons in a sequence to view error codes.
  • Option 2: Utilizing alternative methods to access error codes for troubleshooting.

Resetting the Washer

A simple reset can often resolve minor issues or clear errors in the washer's programming.

DIY Reset: Unplugging the washer or toggling the circuit breaker for a few minutes before plugging it back in initiates a reset.


Troubleshooting a Samsung top load washer that fails to spin clothes dry can often be resolved through DIY methods. Addressing power issues, selecting appropriate cycles, managing loads, ensuring stability, controlling suds, and rectifying various component malfunctions can restore the washer's spinning efficiency without expert intervention. Following these detailed troubleshooting steps empowers users to tackle the issue effectively and ensure consistently dry laundry post-spin cycle.

This comprehensive guide offers detailed insights into resolving issues with Samsung top load washers that fail to spin clothes dry. By implementing these troubleshooting methods, users can rectify common issues and restore their washer's efficiency without external assistance, ensuring hassle-free laundry experiences.


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