Unveiling the Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Insurance in Germany (2023)


Embark on a cycling adventure in Germany, a true cycling paradise where the roads are filled with enthusiasts. However, in a land renowned for insurances, safeguarding your cycling experience becomes paramount. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of bicycle insurance in Germany, deciphering the best options tailored for expats.

Choosing the Best Bicycle Insurance in Germany

1. Feather: Navigating International Waters

Feather Insurance stands out as a premier choice, specializing in internationals in Germany. Priced at a competitive 2.90 euros per month, their basic cover shields against bike theft. The comfort cover extends protection to vandalism, accidents, and wear & tear. Noteworthy benefits include coverage up to 10,000 euros, 24-hour protection worldwide, and the ability to cancel anytime. However, be aware of limitations, such as a requirement for a lock worth over 29 euros.

2. Hepster: Elevate Your Cycling Lifestyle

Hepster, a German lifestyle insurance company, offers a comprehensive approach. Beyond theft, their coverage includes options for tear & wear, vandalism, and even cargo bikes. With a maximum purchase price of 10,000 euros, including carbon frames, Hepster caters to avid cyclists. While their offerings are robust, it's essential to note that their services are currently available only in German.

When is German Bike Insurance Essential?

If you've recently acquired a new bike in Germany, considering bike theft insurance is not just prudent but essential. Personal experience underscores the significance of this coverage, as bike theft is prevalent in German cities. It's crucial to discern whether your home contents insurance includes bike theft protection; otherwise, a separate bicycle insurance policy becomes imperative.

Unveiling the Scope: Why Bicycle Insurance in Germany?

Bike theft is a pervasive issue in Germany, especially in major cities. In 2020 alone, bicycle thefts accounted for 110 million euros in damages, with 145,000 insured bicycles stolen. The statistics spotlight cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, and Munich as hotspots for bike theft. Investing in bicycle insurance mitigates the financial impact of theft, providing peace of mind for cyclists navigating urban landscapes.

Clarifying Coverage: What Bicycle Insurance Does Not Include

It's crucial to recognize the limitations of bicycle insurance. While these policies cover theft and vandalism, damages caused while biking and self-inflicted bike damages are excluded. Private liability insurance steps in for damages caused to others during cycling. Additionally, wear & tear coverage, available with select providers, has specific conditions and waiting periods.

Embracing the Cycling Culture in Germany

Biking is more than a mode of transportation in Germany; it's a cultural phenomenon. With around 81 million bicycles in the country, cycling is on the rise. Varied uses, from commuting to leisure rides, contribute to the popularity. E-bikes, in particular, have witnessed a surge in demand, and cities continue to enhance cycling infrastructure. Recognizing the significance of cycling, Germany annually awards the German Cycling Prize to innovative projects promoting cycling.

Parting Advice: Navigating the Roads Safely

As dedicated cyclists, we advocate for safe cycling practices. When purchasing a bike, opt for a reputable local retailer for quality assurance. Invest in a high-quality lock, such as the Abus Bordo Big Folding Lock, to fortify your bike's security. Remember, prevention is key, and wearing a helmet is a non-negotiable safety measure.


Congratulations on reaching the end of our comprehensive guide to bicycle insurance in Germany. As cycling enthusiasts, we understand the thrill of the ride but also the importance of safeguarding your investment. Whether you choose Feather or Hepster, securing the right insurance ensures that your cycling experience in Germany remains a joyous and worry-free journey.

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